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Company Registration In Chennai , India

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A company is a legal entity, means a legal entity formed and registered under Companies Act 1956. Under the ministry of corporate affairs, every company is to be registered by the registrar of companies for the state. Registering a business in India is the first and foremost one has to go by; there are some official procedures a company has to follow in order to register them in Indian official records. One don’t want to visit corporate office, you can apply for registration at home. We will asset you to get a legal license for your business. The company registration includes some rules and registration like Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), Director Identity Number (DIN) and filing for an e-form. Types of Company Registration all over India:

1. One Person Company registration 
2. Private Limited Registration 
3. Public Limited Registration 
4. Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) 
5. Section 8 Company/NGO Registration 


LLP (liability limited partnership) is a partnership in which some or all have limited liabilities. LLP is suited for business in which all the shareholders wished to take an effective role in management. LLP is easy to form and operate. In LLP, some partners have a form of liability limited similar to that of investors of a corporation. LLP must have at least one general partner with limited liability. RITS renders a best LLP start up and auditing services in Chennai, Anna nagar.


Private limited company (pvt) is a type of privately held small business entity in which the entity limits owner liability to its shares, limits number of shareholders to 50 and restrict shareholders for public trading shares. In Pvt, one cannot sell the shares without the agreement of the other shareholder. A Private company does not meet the rigid securities of the public companies. We give a best Pvt limited company Start up and auditing services in Chennai, Anna nagar.


A partnership is an agreement where partners agree to assist to advance their shared interests. A Partnership firms are relatively easy to start is common amongst small and medium sized businesses in the unorganized sectors. The partners in a partnership may be individuals, businesses, interestbased organizations, schools, governments. Organizations mig ht also associate together to increase the probability of each attaining their mission and to increase their reach.

Section 8 Company/NGO Registration:

Companies Incorporated for promotion of commerce, art, science, sports, education, Research or any such other object. Make sure that its profits and all incomes are used for the purpose of promoting its objects and not for any other process. Section 8 Company cannot change its objects clause in its Memoranda without asking the written approval of central government. If the Central Government has made some conditions and regulations upon the company for providing a license under section 8 then such a company is followed by such conditions and has to ensure adequate compliance with them. If an existing company obtains a license under section 8, it has to ensure that its objects are confirmed to those mentioned in section 8 itself and if not make proper alteration to its memorandum and articles.
Above, are the types of company registration that is followed all over in India. RIts & Associates located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu provides these services in affordable cost and also fulfills the opinion of the clients. We provide an end to end best Company Registration services in Chennai.